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What is LuminOre?

Cold sprayable metal technology is “Changing your ideas to metal”.

Prior to the development of LuminOre composite only paint or solid metal were an option. Aesthetic coatings never schevied the desired results and solid metal is too expspensive and heavy. Industrial coatings lost much of its appeal due to environmental regulations.

The composite metal industry was created through innovative, patented composite, metalizing process. LuminOre is cold sprayable using conventional HVLP spray equipment. This allows a layer to be applied over almost any substrate, in virtually and configuration or design. LuminOre composite metal adhere to most any surface and once cured, LuminOre’s incredible results look, feel and act just like cast metal, without the weight and expense. 
LuminOre composite metal is available in aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, iron, nickel-silver, white bronze, and zinc (Z3). In addition, LuminOre composite metals can be cold alloyed together to create your own custom metals. The cold alloy formulations are endless. 

How can a metal be sprayed?

A chemical reaction between the metal and the binder known as a micelle phenomenon occurs providing a cold sprayable metal. LuminOre is not a metal particle suspension system. The molecules of the binder wrap around each particle of metal. LuminOre liquid metal carries just enough polymer binder to act as an adhesive.

When properly applied you can maintain plus or minus .001”. The LuminOre cold sprayable metal is applied using HVLP ( high volume, low pressure) cap gun and standard metal polishing tools. It can be brushed or rolled on to a surface or cast solid. It can be coated on flexible surfaces and does not shrink. Once you spray or cast the LuminOre composite metal, you treat it like a solid.

LuminOre’s Benefits

Easy to Use
Single spray application
Cost effective alternative to solid metal
A fraction of the weight of solid metal ( less than 4 oz/sq ft)
It does not corrode, , but it can patina
It does not leave air gaps like solid metal, it bonds directly to the substrate
You can sand, sandblast, polish, wire brush, acid wash, and machine it
You can seal it or apply a hot patina wash
Provides the look, feel and durability of solid cast metal without the expense, weight, incontinence and time
No heat is required for application or repair, allowing for spot touch ups.


Copper, Brass, Bronze, Zinc, Iron, White Bronze and Nickel Silver
LuminOre is a green Technology

LuminOre composite metals are effective and environmentally sound alternatives to solid cast pieces, forgings, metallic and paints and coatings. The metal forging and metal plating industries have dangerous health consequences for employees as well as serious environmental damage from the manufacturing by-products. LuminOre is an environmentally friendly alternative to the toxic by-products of these industries.

The LuminOre Process Reduces

Vapor exposure to the environment and the applicator is limited
Only 42.5 grams VOC’s/Liter
This is a result of the liquid state material being 75% solid
Disposable liquid waste
Consumption of natural resources
Consumption of energy
Burn pollution as a result of being a cold alloy process
Off gassing of pollutants that result from alternative molten metal processes
Leach rate
Considered an insignificant leach rate of 1,020 parts per billion

LuminOre Composite Metals

Are non-electronically conductive
Do not break down or contaminate
Do not produce liquid waste requiring hazardous material disposal
Are recycled metals

Environmental Awards

2001 Sequoia Award for the most environmentally friendly coating for the Woodworking Industry
2001 Metal Finishers Suppliers Association award for the environmentally friendly products Judges Form
Air quality Management District (AQMD)
Department of Toxic Substances Control
Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA)
Institute for Research and Technical Assistance ( IRTA)

This innovative, environmentally friendly technology will make your vision safer for our planet. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is it a paint?
No, it is not paint. It is a patented, cold spryable metalizing process, comprised of up to 75% pure metal. It is an alternative to chrome plating, foundry metal, metallic paint finishes, plating and other metallizing processes.

2.Is it metal plating?
No, metal plating is an electro- chemical process. LuminOre, is a cold spray metallization process that can be applied to a variety of surfaces. These include but are not limited to Laminate, melamine, wood, plastic, gypsum, fiberglass, ceramics, concrete, foam, porcelain, glass and metal.

3.Is it powder coating?
No, powder coating is baked on. LuminOre is sprayed on, rolled on, hand applied or poured on.

4.Can it be used on outdoor products?
Yes, over the proper substrate and when properly applied. We have documented ASTM testing with zero breakdown equivalent to 30 years.

5.Is there a mil thickness limitation?
A minimum thickness of 0.008”t to 0.010 “ can be schemed in a single spray application, and is found to be the most desirable. There is no limitation on how thick you apply LuminOre; however, the 0.008”-0.010”-is the most economical.

6.How many coats are needed?
One spray application will achieve the desired mil thickness of 0.008”-0.010”.

7.What substrate can it NOT be sprayed on?
The only substrates known are silicones, unsealed Styrofoam, Teflon and some epoxies. 

8.Does LuminOre shrink?
No, because LuminOre is not metal paint, it does not shrink due to evaporation.

9.Is there really no heat involved?
That’s right. There is no heat distortion and no heat impact on the substrate. LuminOre is a cold process.

10.Is LuminOre flexible?
Yes, LuminOre can be applied to flexible surfaces.

11.Does LuminOre conduct electricity?
No, LuminOre does not conduct electricity, and it is non-galvanic.

12.Does LuminOre have test data available?
Yes, LuminOre has conducted a series of testing ranging from fire rating to salt-fog chamber testing. For copies of LuminOre test data, please contact Toronto Spray Chrome .